Vaz te

he score when he wants ricardo vaz te he scores when he wants


mark noble


only one matty taylor

these are three of my favourite west ham players

1: ricaro vaz te: vaz te used to play for barnsley and wheres number 12 for west ham he plays as a winger/attacker at wembley against blackpool in the play of final he scored the winner in the 87th minute to make west ham win the game 2-1 and that is why he is one of my favourite west ham players.

2:mark noble: mark noble supports west ham and plays for west ham he wears number 16 for the hammer he is penalty/ right corner taker he is great player and plays in midfeild and has been west ham player for 8 years aslong as being a great player he is also a great person i met him and he was very very nice. he plays in midfeild and he is vise captin behing kevin nolan who wears number 4

3: matt taylor: he used to play for bolton wanders and wears number 14 for west ham he plays left midfeild/left back he is great at fre kicks and putting the ball into the play he dosent score much but when he does they are normally very good he i a great player and i hope he stays at west ham for a long long time

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