jack suports leyton orient (boooo) and also has a season ticket for them like me he really enjoys football he also enjoys playing golf and going on bike rides he also loves playin with his cockor spanel ( type of dog ) chester

he goes to the same school as me and we have been friends since i started in year 3 he also lives in the same road as me.


fabian suports arsenal ( again boooo ) he joined my school in year 5 and lives in north weild he also really enjoys football and has been scouted for watford as agoalie he used to play for my team but unfourtunetly dose not anymore


thomas suports west ham( yay) and also like me has a season ticket fot west ham he plays in goal for a team called epping youth sarrisons we have also been friends since year 3 espicialy as he supported west ham


daniel suports manchester united and we have been friends for the past couple of months he hasnt been to any manchester united but im sure he'd like to. he is one of my best friends though

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